Price Suggestion
~1.39 ref
Unique Stately Steel Toe
152 votes up
141 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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Bringing this.. hat.. into the new craft hat blanket. No one wants this "hat", even when there's free rep to be had it seems.

    Disappointed. Craft hat blanket is still 1.33

        Did you read the rules?

          What's wrong with my comment?

            Saying stuff like "free rep" is against the rules.

            everybody does it anyway without being punished tho

      It wasn't even brought in XD poor toe.

        No one wants this "hat", but he wants the price raise.

          Dozens of hats were corrected like this some time ago when the blanket rose. Many with a range had their low end raise exactly like this. Mods were clearly on board. Just correcting an oversight that was missed in the frenzy for free rep.

            Making proof-less suggestions won´t make your balls bigger.

          Nope.avi. upvote