Price Suggestion
~7 keys
Unique Pile o' Gifts
245 votes up
26 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as bad evidence and closed by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

There should always be enough evidence to back up the new proposed value. However, it appears that the evidence is not strong enough, or cherry-picked in a way that does not represent the actual market value of the item. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

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Only 1 on OP, looking for offers (2 weeks without any) -> can't show unsold at 7 keys.

Sale : Sold for 6 keys

    Contemplating trying to buy all 5 of these left over lol

      Um, the sale was for untradeable and uncraftable pile o'gifts. And you're suggesting for the uncraftable pile o'gifts.

        Indeed, 7 days-limit after purchase on SCM (the seller just put it on OP before that period) :,3654032160,234,6 uncraftable tradable and ungifted

          My bad, totally forgot about that. Seems good then. Only 1 seller at 10 on OP.