Price Suggestion
~19.5 keys
Unusual Mann of Reason Stormy Storm
76 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 3 years ago by Delicious Cashew™ #Impersonated.

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Sale #1: Sold for a gifted/duped Steaming Frenchman’s Beret (clean priced at 14 keys, mini at 10 keys), 17 keys pure, and insignificant sweets (10 x .9 + 17 = 26). – Buyer’s backpack before – Buyer’s backpack after – Seller’s backpack before – Seller’s backpack after

>>>Gifted/Duped Steaming Frenchman’s Beret Mini<<<

Sale #1: Sold for 10 keys pure. – Buyer’s backpack before – Buyer’s backpack after

>>>Single Sale Pricing Disclaimer<<<

According to the rules:

"Any hat can be priced based on a single sale if ALL these criteria are met:

- There are no other recent sales in the last 3 months.

- The hat went to a collector or person who intends to keep the hat. A collector can be identified by looking at the person's trade history, item history of similar unusuals in the backpack OR if the owner has not resold the hat 1 month after the sale occurred."

All criteria for pricing based on a single sale have been met.

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