Price Suggestion
Genuine Marxman
Submitted by ketchup
~35.5 ref
Genuine Marxman
199 votes up
24 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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G. Marxman

Oh Michael, why are you so pudding.

[Seller] - 8 ref - 2 weeks ago

[Buyer] - 10 ref

Last suggestion was accepted way too fast. Most of Outpost are full of paints which are not consider as valid evidence.


    I always set it to not show painted items when I search through outpost, since they are usually invalid, was wrong this time.

      It's alright. Just don't do the same mistake next time ;)

        Not really a mistake imo, it is a pain to search for non-painted versions sometimes normally

          Wasn't a mistake, any bulk suggester takes out painted stuff cause as I said it's usually invalid, no need to be so passive aggresive towards me.

            Not trying to be passive aggressive towards you, but your suggestions are really lacking proof. Yes, it was my mistake to not fully understand what you're saying, but you should've at least checked every evidence that you could find before suggesting.