Price Suggestion
The Wraith Wrap
Submitted by regi
~1.61 ref
Unique Wraith Wrap
208 votes up
113 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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No more range.

>inb4 price manipulation because I own one... Gotta get that 2 cents amirite.

Sellers at " price":

Sellers at 1.55:

Sold at 1.55:

As always, please try and keep the comments relevant, please don't make comment comprised only of "upvote" or "downvote". Counter-proof / supportive proof is always appreciated!

The proof is a bit thin. A page on Outpost, complete with an unsold for 1.44: . Gonna have to downvote, the range is fine unless more solds are found. 4/5 of your links are just meaningless padding, not proof.

    Unbumped for 1 week, not a valid unsold

      I suppose. This suggestion is still weak though.

        All the sellers at 1.55 have sold (see above comment).

          That's more like it. Upvoted.

      >4/5 of your links are just meaningless padding, not proof.

      I'm taking it you haven't suggested that much? It's called supportive, not 'meaningless padding'.

      >complete with an unsold for 1.44: .

      Unbumped for 1 week and is an outlier, in this case.

        Sellers don't mean anything unless lowering a price. You know that. Sellers at "Backpack price" could just as easily support the lower end.

          The sellers at don't state which end. The rule of thumb is the mid range, I.E; 1.46 but that's not a real price, so it's just supportive. I include them so I don't leave out part of the market.

      Still damn waiting for you to crack and do something wrong, Regi. - jGamerness, even though I changed my name.

      Anyways, again, good proof. Upvoot.


      Looks like the current range is fine

        It sold.