Price Suggestion
~35.5 keys
Unusual Rimmed Raincatcher Flaming Lantern
143 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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Fuk Flamin' Lantern

Sale # 1 - Sold for a Disco Beat Down Crocleather Slouch After overpay = 2.4 buds

Bp of Seller Before

Bp of Seller After

History of Slocuh -

History of Rimmed -

Sale # 2 - Sold for a Morning Glory Janissary Ketche After overpay = 2.6 Buds

History of ketche -

History of rimmed -

Sale # 3 - Sold for a Scorching Flames Janissary Ketche After overpay = 2.7 Buds

History of Ketche -

History of Rimmed -

No clean ones on the market or ever even sold!

Mini's None!

Any tips or suggestions leave below!

Have an awesome day! :3

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks flaming lantern is ****

      i dont know anyone who thinks it good. such a bad effect

      I'd rather nuts and bolts, don't know how I sold a Lanturn veil for 9pure as fast as I did. Agreed^^

      it is ugly, owned one at a point

        It took forever to sell my duped one for 23 keys.