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Strange Market Gardener
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1 * 2 Refined

1 * 2.22 Refined

12 * 2.33 Refined

Even more at higher prices.

Sellers below 3 Refined: 2.33 Refined 2.33 Refined 2.55 Refined, young 2.66 Refined 2.66 Refined, young 2.66 Refined 2.66 Refined 2.33 Refined 2.66 Refined, unbumped 2.66 Refined 2 Refined

Unsolds at 3 Refined: 1 Week 18 Hours, young 12 hours, young 2 Days 4 Days 2 Days 1 Week 1 Week, not bumped that frequantly it seems 5 Days, poorly bumped 2 Days, not bumped at all 1 Week, poorly bumped 4 Days, poorly bumped 3 Days, poorly bumped 5 Days, poorly bumped 4 Days, not bumped at all

Theese are all trades on outpost with Strange Market Gardeners without parts, killstreak effects or being sold for " prices".

Any feedback is appreciated!

    Can you narrow a range without sales? I got a bunch of grief for attempting that here: Unfortunately sales were found that countered it, so I don't know if it would've passed or not.

      Well the price is 2.5 Refined now, I'm not rising anything, sales shouldn't be needed.

          ...I don't get it.

          Seriously though, you had quicksales at 2, sellers and sales at 2.33, sellers and sales at 2.66, and unsolds at 3. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to have learned from that.

        What has me confused that since you're removing 2.00 from the range, doesn't that mean that you have to prove that 2.00 quicksells?

        The 2.00 link just expired b/c of inactivity and appears to have sold while unbumped but after a day.

          There are no 2 Ref sellers on outpost or in classifieds. Should be enough proof that it quicksells..

        Just as a heads up, thoose I claimed to be "young" are no longer young and all still valid.

          This suggestion is no good 3 sells with ease. I know my sales are not exactly fresh but I didn't trade at all the last few days due to my sickness.


          I wouldn't remove 3 from range.. idk about 2... I get them at 1.88 tho

          "Theese are all trades on outpost with Strange Market Gardeners without parts, killstreak effects or being sold for " prices"." - did you just cherry pick there, or ignored my thread on accident? :3

            Might have missed it, but it seems that some of the unsolds at 3 Refined have sold aswell, going to close.