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Strange Fan O'War
Submitted by TT
~3 keys
Strange Fan O'War
261 votes up
163 votes down
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Why do people have killstreaks of this ;-;

Sold at 4:

Sellers at 3: 15 hours prices, backpack sale

Buyer at 2.66 no luck for 2 weeks

Classifieds support this:

But dodgy but the SCM looks like it too:

    Why do people even buy this? O_o


      took 3 days to find a seller at 3 ref, upvoting but this is conservative

      If I ever saw a Hale's Own Fan O'War...

        Challenge Accepted.

        Why is there a strange version of this in the first place?

          the salvaged crates always need something that's hard to get kills with. 30 had mackerel, 40 had mantreads, 50 had screen, and 60 had the fan o war. i, for one, am waiting for the next salvaged crate to have a short circuit or strange rocket jumper that only levels up with rock-paper-scissors wins

            And I am waiting for a strange Rock-Paper-Scissors....

              Never though of strange rps, sounds like a really good idea though.

              Strange Short Circuit or Strange Tide Turner would be fantastic.

          Seller at 3 sold. Possible qs?

          Seller at price: