Price Suggestion
Morning Glory Hot Dogger
Submitted by SOUPOVOR
~68.5 keys
Unusual Hot Dogger Morning Glory
108 votes up
12 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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Sale #1

Trader has said "not in rush to sell" = not a quicksell.

Sold for 48 keys pure.

Sold for 3.8 buds

Dogger :,3501380694,614,5

Sale #2 ->

Sold for a duped burning German Gonzilla (outdated) No tracable solds (minis+minis+minis...) using last price.

4*0.9 = 3.6 buds

B/Os for German (additonal): - B/O 4 buds

Gonzilla :,3497361008,323,5

Dogger :,3501380694,614,5

I'll be please if someone can update those demoman for's. Thanks.

    great suggestion! upvote :)

    Great suggestion indeed! Would get 50keys if I didn't decline his first offer. He had to go lower when I had a second thought about it :P Upvote!