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~111 keys
Unique Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect
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sold for 12 on the 23rd of January

sold a month ago, idk if this is still valid or not, but sold for 12 pure, this specific one didn't sell but he bought another for 12 pure the same day. Here is the one he bought

I used this sale in my last suggestion. Don't know if you can do that either. Yolo

No clean ones for sale for less than 12.

      not to be rude but if you have no idea how suggestions work then dont post.

        You don't raise earbuds off of unusual sales do you? No. Clean houwars = pure. Don't comment anymore nonsense here please

        Also, I seen you editted your comment, but well, you're still wrong..

        has a buyer

        also a 10.5 buyer

        So either it's duped, or this guy is a total idiot.

        also for all we know that houwar could be duped, it's wrapped. He traded for the houwar prewrapped it looks like.

          burden is on you to prove its duped so that it may be excluded from consideration for pricing.

          as far as I can see, its clean.

            I see why he's quickselling it for 10.5 buds :) He bought it from a scammer.


            he's trying to dump it to someoen else

            EDIT: It looks like that guy is the main/alt of "Angel A" So either way the 10.5 seller is invalid.

            He is friends with literally all Angel A's alts.

        awful proof downvote

        jk love you upvote