Price Suggestion
Noble Hatter's Violet
Submitted by paper
~10.94 ref
Unique Noble Hatter's Violet Noble Hatter's Violet
186 votes up
113 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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Re-suggesting without a range, since the low end wasn't supported.


1 at 3.77

8 at 4.00


4.00 -


4.00 -

5.00 -

5.00 -

5.00 -

5.00 -

5.00 -

6.00 -

- -

Having a very difficult time finding more than this; no recent trades at anything lower than 3.66 - all others are outdated.

The last three suggestions passed without solds. Please don't tell me I need to find more, unless you find them first.

I haven't done paint suggestions before - if they're different from normal items, please tell me how I can improve!

    Only 1 sold ( CURRENT PRICE ) *facepalm

    No, the only sold was a quicksale at 4 ref, not the current price of 3 ref

    2 broken/inactive sellers *yawn


    5 sellers selling it for "5" ref? When their selling 2 for 6-7 ref!? *wat

    Read it again, they are selling them individually for the prices he listed them under. (They also are selling them in groups of 2+ for a higher but discounted price)

      I don't see that paint in the suggester's BP, so I have no idea where you came up with "Only making this suggestion because he wanted to SELL it for 5 ref!? *just sad" unless you were referring to the suggestion you using only painted items.

        At least he had more proof than this

        This is enough proof for a raise considering the market for this.

        How many white belt blindvotes we can get ?