Price Suggestion
~18 keys
Unusual Base Metal Billycock Electrostatic
115 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by aaroncsn.

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Screw the rules I have Hats.

Sale # 1 - Sold for a Orbiting Fire Boron Beanie After overpay = 9 keys [Outlier]

Bp of Seller before -

Bp of Seller after -

History of Billycock -

History of Beanie -

Sale # 2 - Sold for a Aussie Tomislav and S.F Smg After overpay = 11 keys

Bp of buyer before -

Bp of buyer after -

Sale # 3 - Sold for 12 keys


Beanie - No mini needed,updated price

Any tips or suggestions leave below!

Have an awesome day! :3