Price Suggestion
~3.05 keys
Strange Festive Shotgun
1277 votes up
284 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as bad price range and closed by neverclever.

The price range was either too broad or did not accurately reflect how the item was traded. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

Message left by moderator:

Several of your 5 key sellers have sold. There are definitely sales for lower, so it looks like this could use a range

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    For those of you wondering, .8 keys = 10.664 ref, rounded to 10.66 ref.

      I cannot understand a word you're saying. - My trade.

      While I did write that I 'sold 3', I actually sold them for 5 keys each (sorry for the confusion). It was less than a day ago when I changed my price so technically, it's 'young'. However, I do believe it's getting more difficult to sell at current price though it may just be me. I'm kind of in need of pure so I will be lowering my prices (and see if it sells well) c:

        Okay, thanks for letting me know.

        5 on classifieds for 4.5 right now, your 1st link is for 4 keys + 6.66 (4.5)

          Sorry, changed my price. At the time of the suggestion it was 4.8.

          Explain me the reason why are we voting non stop on the same items ? Whats the meaning of that? A lot of other items are without price and I see price suggestions every week for the same items. Shouldnt be better to vote for items maximum 1-2 times a month? It would be better for the trading itself instead since the traders would know in what to 'invest' and what to expect instead of lowering and lowering and lowering the price .

            Eh? I've never even touched this before. And, you have one so I'm not surprised.

              No im not saying that to you personally , and ofcourse its not because i have one (i would have a problem if i had 10 of them :P ). Lot of people have this and many other items which have been voted for price changing 3-4 times during last month. What im sayiing is that there is no need to suggest prices some days after the last voting (look at the other price suggestions) it would be more logical to leave every item to have its normal 'life cycle' until the value of it drop , than making price suggestions after some days.

            If this does go down, it will certainly skyrocket as soon as summer rolls around

              No. It really won't.

                Ya never know, tf2 market (especially here since the key crash incident) is always set out to screw you over. Plus, why is this always becoming voted lower and lower like stefanos13 said.

                  'key crash incident' -- That was hardly an 'incident' it happens every Christmas, just not to this extent, as for being voted lower and lower; no one has a grudge against this, there are just so many of them in circulation.

              Just by looking at the Classifieds, I can see only 1 seller below 5 keys.

              If asked from me, you'd need more proof, or at least include 5 keys in range.

                Well, classifieds do not represent the whole economy of a single item, I reckon this is the correct range.

                Not enough pr00f for me. Downvote