Price Suggestion
~55 keys
Unusual Team Captain Blizzardy Storm
70 votes up
18 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 3 years ago by Delicious Cashew™ #Impersonated.

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ayyyy lmao - Sold for 5 pure - Bought for 75 keys, buds were 14.5 at the time = 5.2 - Sold for 50 keys + Cauldron Bicorne, buds were 14 keys at the time = 5.3

Mini on Bicorne - - Sold for a TF Logo Bonnet + ~6 keys = 1.7 - Offers of 5+ multiple times

halp plz not sure if gud, any extra proof would be awesome :P

    Such a nice hat.

    Suggestion looks good.

      I sold mines a few weeks ago for a little over 60 keys in mostly pure when buds were 11.25 keys (so ~5.3 buds). Can provide screen shots if needed.

      Good proof, and upvoted. :)