Price Suggestion
Strange Festive Shotgun
Submitted by Belmondziak
~2.8 keys
Strange Festive Shotgun
326 votes up
90 votes down
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2x 5 key

1x 5 key 2 ref

2x 5 key 10 ref

27x 6 key

1x 6 key 8 ref

2x 6 key 9 ref

12x 7 ref

The rest of the price of classifieds is higher, probably never will be sold for this price, or have Killstreaks.

5 key on tf2 outpost :

5.5 key on tf2outpost: 5 key + 4.55rer 5 key + 10 ref (yeah i know this is more than 5.5 key)

6 key on tf2outpost:

The trades on tf2 outpost selling for 6 keys are quite old and have no interest, the same applies to sales for 6 key on the

    all 5 key sellers are young and never bumped (except the first) got any other proof besides that?

      People who leave after 5 key in a backpack sell it in a few minutes, and I have no where to get on this evidence, because there is no history, but it shows enough to watch a few minutes ago, someone 'issued another 5 keys and it just was not there.

        If you're saying that when this item is being sold for 5 keys, its sold within a few minutes that is called a quicksale which is not good evidence for lowering the price.

        I would love to see more proof for the 5-key area, as it's a little bit lacking. With the current provided sales, I think 5.5-6 would be a better range, unless more sales at 5 can be provided It just seems the majority of sales given are in the 5.5-6 range.

        If we can get more sales at 5 keys each, I'll gladly provide a vote! :D

          Sellers for 5 keys do not write that it is a quick sale.

          Two more sellers for 5 keys in tf2 outpost :