Price Suggestion
Strange Shotgun
Submitted by Ted33
~31.28 ref
Strange Shotgun
107 votes up
75 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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classified listings

1 @ 9 ref

6 @ 10 ref

1 @ 10.33 ref

14 @11 ref

and a lot unsold @ 12 ref


@10 ref - with demos killed

unsold @11 ref

unsold @12 ref x2

unsold @ a key- most try to sell for a key as we know the key is dropping in price

difficult to find proof on outpost as you have so many specialised strange shotguns

this is my first price suggestion, so help me out if i have done something wrong

    first link at 10 sold, 2nd is quite young

      Lol more info then that lol not gonna happen thumbs down on this one