Price Suggestion
Strange Festive Shotgun
Submitted by Holy Eagle
~2.8 keys
Strange Festive Shotgun
157 votes up
218 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as bad evidence and closed by neverclever.

There should always be enough evidence to back up the new proposed value. However, it appears that the evidence is not strong enough, or cherry-picked in a way that does not represent the actual market value of the item. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

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8x 10keys

1x 11keys

1x 12keys

4x 13keys

2x 14keys

1x 1bud and 2keys

2x 15keys

1x 1.23keys

1x 18keys

Outpost (* means that there is offer for that price) 10keys* 9keys 9keys 8keys and 5ref* 8keys and 6ref* declined offer 10keys (includes spec. ks.) 8keys* B/O 9keys but over 1bud item offers 10keys* 9keys* 1bud Accepted offer accepted offer 13keys* Maybe items idk (hided) 1bud and 6keys* Accepted offer 2buds* o.o lvl 99 1bud* he declined 13keys 9keys* Accepted offer 10keys* 8keys* 11keys* 12keys

Tell me if you find more proof or there is something wrong in the suggestion :)


    When will they realize that you cannot have a accepted suggestion WITHOUT solds.

      i could not agree with you more !!!

          No it doesn't. Because someone has a c/o of 25 keys doesn't mean it should be priced for 25 keys.

        just NOPE!

          Heh. I can easily glance at this and smell the lack the sales in here.

            10 keys is middle price

              Cant change it anymore ;-;

              I sold mine for 8 keys pure and 3 keys in items.

              i think 10 key is a reasonable price