Price Suggestion
Submitted by Hayden
~3.2 keys
Unique Earbuds
330 votes up
581 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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yeah thats not enough

    Mind the cooldown.

        Need sales.

        And cooldown in effect?

          s'your job as the suggester to find the proof/check outpost, not our's

        Would love to upvote this, but you're not showing enough proof.

          cooldown does not apply here because of the amount of the change.. or 1-2 key does not count for at least 2 key change and Iamwrong?

            More empty space than proof. Down for me.

              The proof is good, there's just not enough of it.

                Aw heeeell naw dude. Need much much MUCH more proof.

                  When Buds started going up again, everyone just puts higher and higher price.

                  Also, 2 solds isn't enough.

                    None of your solds sold, you only have highballers. The one sold is 1 month old, that is why he has solds


             < I sold 4 buds for 15 keys in 8 min.

                      You need way more 16 key sellers, and I don't think it's happening yet. For now, I suggest resuggesting at 15 keys flat

                        you only have 1 where someone actually sold at 16

                            I feel this suggestion has failed..

                              more proof required, also mind the cooldown

                                This isn't enough proof for a main currency need around 4 to 5 times this amount. but yes the keys are currently going this way

                                  I sold 3 buds for 45 keys in 30 sec & got 2 adds for them


                                    I would up vote becouse price is fair BUT i will vote down becouse we still need more proof.

                                      just sold 8 buds for 16 keys each. you need way more proof though

                                        buds finally getting somewhere? Well then... Anyways not enough proof in my book and you must wait 3 days since the last accepted price suggestion in order to make another. For now I unfortunately downvote.

                                          You'll need much more proofs to change the price of a currency. Downvote for now.

                                            Agreed, need more proof to change currency prices. Downvote this time

                                            1 sale for each end?