Price Suggestion
~7.25 keys
Unusual Gym Rat Steaming
530 votes up
46 votes down
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Sale 1 - Sold for 11 keys (Outlier)

Sale 2 - QS for 9 keys

Sale 3 - BO of 10 keys

Sale 4 - Sold for 10 keys

Sale 5 - BO of 10 keys

Lowest BO currently - 9 keys 10 ref, rounded up to 10 keys

Feel free to counter / support my proofs. proof this sold for 10 keys?

    I'm never gonna understand your outlier logic when it's just close to the suggested range.

    It went for pure, and I doubt the <10key seller had the same price for a long time due to the 10 sales being at same time when his trade was up.

    Consv drops are just dead these days because of people pushing the lowest possible price for some reason.


        Absolutely. B/os at 10 sold in a few days. That doesn't mean it can't sell for 11. In fact op shows that it does. Don't cap the high end off b/os unless it is unsold for a month+