Price Suggestion
The All-Father
Submitted by DavRodz
~11.28 ref
Unique All-Father
2047 votes up
1048 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

Message left by moderator:

Too many sales at 1 key provided in comments and within provided unsolds. A range including 1 key is needed

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You need 1 key unsolds

    Supplied, please at my reply to Clarity.

      Alright, i guess it's good now

    Unsolds? :o Thanks for sellers though i was about to buy this fancy beard

      Here is some unsolds for 1 key: 4 days old bumped 1 day old bumped 1 week old bumped not sure what he means by half of paint ._. 1 day old bumped 12 hours young bumped 1 week old bumped 1 week old bumped

      Bought one for 10, sold it for 14 fairly quickly

      Had a Halloween spell, but as far as I know, they're pretty much worthless.

        These still sell constantly for 1 key. I'm not too sure about this.

          I sold mine for a key in under a day:

            If 1 key sells just fine, then he could put 1 key on his range?

            I've sold many for one key. You shouldn't lower it so drastically if there are a couple selling under a key and way more selling at a key.

              THIZ IZ CRAP, THIZ IZ NOT FAIR MKFSDKJNGZihet9u538tgedfjjfsdx STUPID!!1111

                You're very well named <3

                so many fucking people lowering prices for no reason

                  I know as far as I am concerned if they did lower it they would need a range with a key since a key still sells pretty good for this item.

                    Just sold one for 14 ref.


                      The Problem is that this price was set 7 days ago, and keys were refs cheaper back then, same thing with the Heat of Winter. I think that 0,9- 1 key is better. Keys will reach 20 Ref soon and the All-Father will be 0,6 keys if this gets accepted.

                        Had a buyer willing to pay 1 key


                          i like the price of it, i know it will go that low, but you don't have enough proofs.

                          i gonna upvote, cause all the support from other players

                            (You should add the unsolds at your first post)

                            I am pretty sure there are a lot of solds at 1 key too, maybe you should change your range or maybe even a counter-suggestion?

                              All of these sellers sold already or are not bumped.

                                i thoguht this was changing the price to 12-13 keys xD

                                  in my opinion price should be changed to 0.8-1 keys as solds for 1 key are still happening

                                    this has been needing a drop forever. there are buyers at 8 ref.

                                    upvoted my good sir

                                      Why cant I upvote, I can downvote

                                      I want to upvote