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~99 keys
Collector's Soldier's Slope Scopers
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27 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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The time has come.

<3 u cube

SALES: Sold for Morning Glory EngyCap (Unpriced, mini at 3.5)

3.5 * 0.9 = 3.15 (rounding to 3.2)

Histories;,3277909306,980,14,3277909314,95,5 ->

No idea, possible SCM.

However, had a B/O of 3 for couple weeks:,2664663856,220,3 Buyer who sold for sale above involved the legendary Vintage Shortstop, no thanks.

So this is the only usable sale.

EngyCap mini:

Only other sale: Sold for 3.5 pure.

Using 3.5.

Let it ride.

    YeY, finally

    Edit: GG guys, I just wanted to y'know... say Yay

    If the sale was at 3.5 pure, there's no need for overpay. 3-3.5 is fine here.

      There's overpay for the unusual being sold for collector's though.

      The unusual is priced at 3.5, THEN it sold for the item, so overpay is applied.

        The unusual value is 3.5 pure, you apply overpay to prove the price in pure. But if the price sale was in pure we already know it's in pure, therfore no overpay is needed.

          ...That doesn't make any sense.

          The unusual is worth 3.5.

          Then for the Scoper sale, unusual overpay is applied.

          d0 what are you on about.

              sssh, the grown-ups are talking.

                Well he's saying that there's no need for overpay when it sold for an unusual because the unusual sold for pure and should be considered pure, d0 does unusual suggestions and collector suggestions all the time that get passed. No idea why he's saying don't apply overpay.

              Unusual = 3.5 pure

              You value it as 3.5 pure

              The 3.5 pure (the unusual) was sold for the Collector's

              3.5 - Collector's.

                ALL unusuals are valued in pure, that's the point of overpay.

                So either we never need overpay on unusuals or always need it.

                Just because the unusual in this case sold for pure doesn't make it exempt.

      It's not a huge deal, and we certainly won't close a suggestion for it. But the whole idea of overpay is to figure out what an item is worth in pure. If it sold for pure, then you already have your answer. Shouldn't be valued less than that. Imo, this trumps all. And if someone used commonly traded / offered pure prices ahead of the 90% rule, I'd always be fine with that. We have the 90% rule to streamline things.

      On suggestions like this, it just doesn't matter since it's close enough

        d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): 02:05 - d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): - if something sold for 3.5 pure as a mini you don't need to apply overpay? Correct?

        02:06 - polar: yup

        MagnifiGent: You're both wrong

        d0 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): lol...

        MagnifiGent: X3

        I still don't understand why, but fine. I realise it would be fruitless to argue with you, as always.

          Okay, I'll attempt this. This will be harder than my AF KE suggestion probably.

          The whole idea of overpay is to figure out what an item is worth in pure. If it sold for pure, then you already have your answer.

          If an item is valued at 3.5 with a pure sale, then it's worth 3.5. If an item is valued at 3.5 with a non-pure sale (like an unusual) then it would be worth 3.2. Why? Because it didn't sell for pure, and applying overpay on the non-pure sale is meant to give an idea as to what it realistically is in pure.

          Now, I hate change. Stuff that throws me off as a suggester - like not being able to use quicksells if they're the only sales (I'm still salty about that) and because I never encountered that problem before, I personally find it hard to adjust to stuff like that. It's easier to pick up the many rules and guidelines about suggesting when you're new as opposed to when you have even ~100 suggestions under your belt, let alone 700.

          Trust d0 & polar.

            d0 is always right. d0 is never wrong.