Price Suggestion
~1.72 ref
Unique Moonman Backpack
341 votes up
219 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] A Delicious Cashew™.

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According to some people, Smissmas is not coming this year *cough* JustJ *cough*

Then why al de hipe???/

Actually pretty rare on outpost price = 1.33 ref

Buyers at 1.33 ref:


Sales at 1.33 ref:


Sellers at 1.22 ref:




Sales at 1.22 ref:


[url][/url] Offered 1.33 ref

I have decided to make a range, since there are several 1.22 ref sellers

Any support, counter, or feedback appreciated! According to the history, it was sold a while ago. No idea on how much it sold for however. Backpack isn't loading atm, but outpost history doesn't show it sold currently.

    You also provided counter-proof against your suggestion since none of your 1.22 ref sellers have sold.

      [url][/url] I know this did sell, but it is notable he was offered 1.33 ref, therefore I have decided to include it in my price suggestion. and tf2outpost don't automatically know if your bubble pipe had sold, that's why it appears that it is still there.

        [url][/url] Buyer at 1.33 ref, I'm pretty sure that this needs a rise

          Linking me to his Backpack actually shows it's still in his BP on the last page. The API is down, so it's possible that might be where the mix-up is. But actually the histories DO say when they've been sold, as when you click on the item it will be darkened out. This works about 99% of the time. the other 1% is when the API is down.

          Although is not bumped at all. He has not bought any that I can see through his BP history as of this point.

      Down-vote from me. Had one listed for a few days @ 1.22 and ended up re-crafting it with another non selling hat.

      [url][/url] Sold at 1.33 ref