Price Suggestion
Backpack Expander
Submitted by Frostystorm1
~20.94 ref
Unique Backpack Expander
233 votes up
186 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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Everything is on the rise with the fall of ref!


4.66: (Selling) (Sold 4, extremely fast sales) (Sold)

4.88 ref: (Selling) (Selling 3)

5 ref: (Selling, very young) (Selling, very young) (Selling, young) (Selling) (Selling 3) (Selling) (Selling) (Selling) (Selling) (Selling) (Selling) (Selling lots, but poorly bumped) (Selling) (Sold) (Sold) (Sold, you can see the items under new items) (Sold) (Sold) (Sold) (Sold 2)

Unsolds at over 5 ref: - About 5.22 (Selling, poorly bumped) - 5.11 (Selling) - 5.33 (Selling) - 5.66 (Selling, poorly bumped)


4.66 x 0

5.0 x 10

Conclusion: Sells fast for 4.66 or less, most sellers and buyers are in the 5 ref range. Anyone selling above either has poorly bumped trades or no one is buy them.

Fun fact: As I made this suggestion, two sold for 4.66. :D

Suggstions, counter-proof, and proof are all welcome!

There's no need to show sellers for 5 unless they sold.

heres some proof i got yesterday:

http://www.tf2outpos.../trade/23787954 ~ 5 ref, quicksold.

http://www.tf2outpos.../trade/23786373 ~ 5 ref, quicksold.

http://www.tf2outpos.../trade/23775326 ~ 5 ref, quicksold.

http://www.tf2outpos.../trade/23770858 ~ 4.88 ref, quicksold 5 of them it seems.

http://www.tf2outpos.../trade/23776180 ~ 4.66, quicksold.

http://www.tf2outpos.../trade/23774448 ~ 4.66, quicksold.

    Oh ok, I will still keep them because they show what price most of the buyers are selling at. Its still a nice addition :D

      all of those links are broken

        How? They seem to be working fine for me...

          ninja edit

            ? if there is actually something wrong I will fix it, but I have used the same format for all my suggestions.

              "all of those links are broken" Mike

              "ninja edit" me

              i was talking to mike

                I was talking to you, yeah

                  Oh haha sorry should have looked more carefully

          Links like this can't be used as proof since it only links to a profile and there is no history of the items that were sold or bought.


          This is such a commonly traded item, i'm sure you can find more sales.

          even 5ref is quickselling, upboating

            5 ref is good exact price

              I know XD, it takes out the range.