Price Suggestion
The Winter Wonderland Wrap
Submitted by Anyád
~2.39 ref
Unique Winter Wonderland Wrap
210 votes up
100 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

Message left by moderator:

Proof is bare minimal and includes issues such as: Painted hats that are requesting more for the paint, trades vaguely requesting ' prices' without indicating what part of range, and poorly bumped trades. More valid proof is needed to validate suggested price

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Hi guys.

Sellers for 2 ref.

Unsold a month ago for 2 ref:

Looking for 2 ref: 6 days ago. try to sell for lowest price a week ago. 5 days ago.

Unsold for 2.33 ref: 6 days ago. 3 weeks ago. 6 days ago.

English is OP^^.

    they are the sellers

    Looking for 2 ref: 6 days ago. try to sell for lowest price a week ago. 5 days ago.

      can you find anymore?

        Sometimes 3 links is enough, but his links are bad: 1 painted and 1 for price (It maybe 2.33)

          probs 2.33

        Solds at 2 dont help. Need sellers at 2 and unsolds at 2.33.

          It's his link, not mine

          He stated it as unsold

            I see that now

            Your link at 2 sold a while ago.

            Your 3 links under "looking for 2 ref" are all selling for price.

            You have no actual proof for 2 ref, please close the suggestion.

              But the low end price is 2 ref right now...

                New unsolds:

                unsold for 1.88 trf

                he dont sell for 2.33 refs a week ago

                he try to sell the wonderland for 2.33 a month ago:

                Seller for 2 ref.

                so yea..

                  dude there's 13 pages on OP you gotta find more

                      Dont copy mixon. there's alot of these. it depends on the item

                      poorly bumped trades are invalid.