Price Suggestion
~180 keys
Unusual Wraith Wrap Circling Heart
61 votes up
6 votes down
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Still 1 of 1. Not on OP. Only a single sale can be used. ~ Sold for Gifted Heart Pyromancer's + GE Tree (8 + 4.5) * 0.9 = 11.3 buds

Mini for Pyromancer's ~ Sold for Secret Virtual Reality + MN Pot = ?? but B/O was 8 buds, Virtual Reality is 9 buds outdated and Pot is unpriced. Taking 8 buds.

Feel free to counter or support my proofs.

    Just to add to this I've had offers of a stormy haz if I add 11 buds in hats and was offered a Cloudy Moon Surgeon's Stahlhelm 1:1. (Viper added me and went lower to 11 buds in hats) - another sale on the mancer which would have been close to 8.

      I think this is fine