Price Suggestion
Genuine Alien Cranium
Submitted by Alcatel
~1.08 keys
Genuine Alien Cranium
1792 votes up
792 votes down
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2 keys


3 keys


2 keys

Sold for 15ref / 1.5 keys (support proof)

12 refined / 1.2 keys (bp) (bp)


x1 1.91 keys

x3 2 keys


median / 3 keys

key price (

10 ref


(refined / 10) = keys (can't combine otherwise sales in keys and sales in ref)


It seems 1.2-2 keys would be good starting point. There was no option to combine both types properly and using keys as a currency made more sense. If there is any concern/doubts about conversion process or proof in general, let me now.

    Was a good suggestion at the time but now I dont think its relevant.

Meh, the 1.2 went quick.

    Yeah, the 1.2's sold in an hour.

    Smaller range seems better like 1.9-2 (based on the classifieds) or even a flat 2.

      Imagine if this cranium was for all classes, that would be amazing.

        I am not sure. My goal was to build range by including most sales. If i were to set range based on 2 keys, I would have 1 sold haha :D I do think it's good starting price. There is no much sense to sell it as low as they did, but there was 2 sales at this point, so I can't ignore them.

          You can if they're both quicksales. And they were. Downvote from me.

          About a key plz

            1.2 seems to sell a bit fast to be in range :| .

              I think the range is a bit too wide...

              Ugly Hat, and the ones from 1-1.3 sell crazy fast.

                #needstobe 2,5 keys

                  add mysell for the entire scout set for 10 keys

                  3 for the head

                  4 for the body

                  and 3 for the back tube things

                    And I bought my #88 Alien Cranium for a key lol.....

                      well it was unpriced when i sold it so no one can really call it a scam

                        If you are still talking about your trade you have messed up the replies completely. Also your sale was a week ago and I'm pretty sure the price has stabilized since so it is not that expensive anymore.

                          indeed, i sold it when it was on the hype train

                      I can't vote yes? Dafuk and why?

                        There is too many "yes" votes that system memory can't hold em' more. There is option "No" offered instead. This is conspiracy plot against me and whole human race.


                        Sellers: (sample size 3)

                        2 Keys:

                        2 Keys:

                        1 Key 4 Ref:

                        Average = 1key 8ref

                        Buyers: (sample size 3)

                        1 Key:

                        8 Ref:

                        1 Key:

                        Average - 9 ref

                        Overall Average 1 key 3.55 ref

                        My results fall within your price range. Upvote.

                        Note samples were taken on the 1st 3 results that were trading for pure metal.

                        I think it's better since I know some of my friends are selling this for like 1.6 keys or around there and I'm now a little happy that this had priced up


                        My first comment