Price Suggestion
Haunted Cap'n Calamari
Submitted by Josh
~13.55 ref
Haunted Cap'n Calamari
482 votes up
306 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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Comments - 4 ref - - Pin was taken at 3 ref, and Calamari at 4 ref.

None on Outpost <4 ref.

Counter/Support me. Cheers.

    this + houwar = Davvy Jones


      This + squid's lid + mann of seven seas + a loose cannon + tide turner (part of the crew, part of the ship and all) = davy jones.

        I wish i could upvote this more than once!

        /reddit - looks like another sale at 4 - 2.66

      May need a range.

        A 1 month old sale is too long for items such as this, especially with Halloween hype. And the other trade was really young and has since been closed.

          You have only a single sale. I think we need to wait for a few more.



            There is one trade up for this on Outpost. Basing off a single sale is fine in these situations due to the rarity of the item. When more sales occur, the price can be updated. But until that time, 4 ref is a lot more accurate than 3 ref.

              Dude, I know. I have accepted suggestions based on a single link before. But in all those cases, SCM has supported the change and there no other sales that were found. Here there's the link at 2.66 and SCM puts this well under 4 ref. All I'm saying is in a lot of these cases, it's best to gather a bit more proof over a week or two to find more sales.

                The link at 2.66 sold in less than 2 hours. Does that not constitute a quicksale?