Price Suggestion
~52.5 keys
Unusual Bolted Birdcage Scorching Flames
57 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Woifi.

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Kamikaze proved that the last suggestion was wrong.

Although I was the one who first found the sale, I didn't supply any of this proof.

Sold to a collector for a Circling Peace Sign Platinum Pickelhaube(24 Keys)( ), a Burning Flames Cyborg Stunt Helm(4 Buds)(5 with Overpay total) and 1 Earbud(6 Total)(Credits to Kamikaze for the screenshot)

Burning Cyborg mini suggestion:

Sold for 4 Buds(Credits to Dezi)

Dezi was 1 bud off it seems, so guess this is being bumped up to 6 Buds.

Additional Proof/Counter-Proof/Constructive Criticism/Feedback is always appreciated.


      2slow mang, srry bae.

        demn u 1v1

      why not 5-6 ?

        Because he's fixing the sale? And there's only one sale?

        Well your suggestion already passed, so I don't see a reason to do so besides you getting another virtual point. If your suggestion hadn't been accepted I would've gladly left this to you.

          My bad, didn't think it was accepted. Sorry about that. Realised just after I posted it.

          mindacos bad bad bad