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~7600 keys
Unusual Team Captain Burning Flames
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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I want to start out by thanking some close friends who've helped me on this journey of mine. I want to thank polar, who was the first to believe in me, and sold me some of my first buds. Dezi was one of the first people who came forward to help me with trading, to make sure I didn't get scammed or got a bad deal. d0, possibly the world's best broker, has done monumental work in negotiating prices for me. To all those I haven't named, but whom I know, I thank you as well for your help and assistance. It's been an incredible 3 months with you guys here.

Lets get down to business.

I paid $6420 cash in two parts, also paying the fees. I buy buds at $30, so this equates to 214 buds.

I paid a down payment of 1 bud:

Here is the real deal:

235 buds pure + Beams TC (65 x .9 = 58.5) + Scorching Specs (35.5 x .9 = 32) = 325.5 + 214 = 539.5 buds, round to 540.

Thank you all very much for your support.

Huge congratulations on the purchase, Bob! :)

    Bob, I honestly do not know who the heck you are, but I just have to say that you've done an amazing deal of work getting your hands on this fine hat, and that I salute you, the Team Captain, for doing such a purchase.


    Commenting to be part of history. Congrats Bob!

      Wow, one finally sold. I didn't expect any of the current owners to sell; figured it would take another one to be unboxed for one to hit the market.

      Anywho, congratulations on your buy, I'm sure you wanted it for a long time.

      It will be interesting to see if your sale holds its weight if another TC sells in the near future.

        Congrats, Mr. Bob!

          Congrats on the sale. Its been a while since the last known burning TC sale. And it must have been hard to get out of someones hands, but then again don't think most would say no to a massive overpay in mostly pure.

          However, I don't think this is such a good idea. Since I don't think known overpayers should greatly affect the pricelist.

          I highly doubt a sale of this amount will occur again in the even you resell or someone else gets over it and thinks I dont play tf2 why do I still have this.

          Cough cough some owners know they dont play anymore haha

          If the last sale was atleast half of this amount I wouldn't mind, lets see how the staff thinks of this.

            Since when am I a known overpayer? :(

              I was very much under the impression that you overpay for things when you really want it. Instead of waiting.

              Cough cough. #420 (and some of your other unusuals that probably wont sell for how much you paid)

                ... You realize the #420 stogie sale was a prank right?

                  Well it wasn't like that is what made me think you overpay for stuff. Its all your other recent unusual purchases that have bumped the prices of those unusuals by quite an amount.

                  I just know that this is 3x the amount of any known previous sale and that I dont really like the idea of listin a price that it most likely will not sell again for, and havin the next update drop it by half+

                  Outliers dont count for a reason since they are out of the norm

                    There hasn't been another sale in a year. Unless tomorrow Gorror has a stroke and his heir sells his Burning TC for some weapons, this is the only sale that will happen anytime soon.

                    This isn't an outlier; this is the norm now.

                      I was just giving you my uncertainties on how I wonder if this sale will ever hold its wieght. Or it will just drop like a rock in the next sale.

                      Its just that I think the staff should consider the factors of having known overpayers greatly change the value of an unusual and if it will hold up as an expected amount to tell owners and future buyers how much they can expect to get out of the hat.

                      Which I believe are realistic worries on this suggestion to have.

                      But, nonetheless congrats and gettin someone to sell .

              1 of 1 suggestions and hats that barely sell can be looked at from 2 POV's imo.

              1) You base the price of the hat and go around there (we all know prices are never 100% accurate for unusuals)

              2) You base it from the latest sale so people can get a better overview of what the most recent Burning TC sold for - I mean, the Burning KE went up almost ~200buds. The latest KE sale is above the current price. So it should be pretty obvious these rare God tier hats are increasing in price still.

              Regardless, the payment here is pretty clear and the price suggested is what he paid - Since there's no more sales of this we can't really say it's an outlier because we got nothing to compare. That also means we can't truely know if isn't. But I just like seeing the God tier sales from my 2nd POV so it's easier for buyers/sellers to get a better understanding of what the recent sale went at.

              Congrats Bob~ Can't believe an unusual could be sold for this much!

                  Here is where I see the difference between this and the burning KE. There have been 3 "recent" burning KE sales at 300, 450?, and 650?. When you have multiple sales, I think you can start getting into outliers - significant deviations from the mean. And that was the comment I made in the last burning KE suggestion.

                  However, here you have no recent sales. Bob literally asked every single owner and this was the CHEAPEST TC available. Vo0 (and presumably the other owners) REJECTED 20k in cash, which would be way higher than the 540 buds paid here. If you add every single owner of a particular hat and this is the cheapest you can find a hat, I don't think you can call the sale an outlier. We have said time and again that we don't attempt to be a pricing guide on rare, high tier hats (>20 buds), especially when there is only one sale in ages. We simply report the sale as a curiosity to the avid traders of tf2. This is one of those cases.

                  I always thought that for high-tier sales wasn't a pricing guide, but just a record of sales?

                  Anyway, congratulations!

                      I guess that bptf don't understand irony :fsad:

                      congratssss upvote

                        Congrats i upvote !