Price Suggestion
Searing Plasma Valley Forge
Submitted by Das
~27 keys
Unusual Valley Forge Searing Plasma
104 votes up
26 votes down
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Re-suggesting with a new and improved price range by adding .1 :D

1 of 1 in da world, still in my bp yes, but as u can see I have the offer and will accept it after this stupid steamguard turns off -.-

Sold this baby for 3 buds


Sold for 2buds and Terror-Watt Sultan and 4k (2+1*.9+.2) ~ 3.1


Mini for the sultan: (special thanks to Slocumruls for this one) appears to have sold for a bud on the last transition.

Buyer History:



Seller history matches

Post ya comments below. Haters and not haters are both welcome to post :3

    I'm unsure if even if the transaction is about to go through and you've received the currency required that it's still accountable for a sold.

    Downvote for now.

      Edit: just sold it!

    well the price got accepted on the sultan so this should be good.

      Yeh, thanks again for the help