Price Suggestion
The Vaccinator
Submitted by Adosremus
~0.05 ref
Unique Vaccinator
1634 votes up
638 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Comments this isn't proof/valid

      It can be supporting proof tho, but a screen shot of the amount of vacinators in stock would be better

        today at 02:25 MESZ/CEST, has an overall amount of 2 Vaccinators in stock (except donators-bot)

        I'd say counts as a supporting argument, if it has some in stock most of the time. On the other hand, if they're most of the time out of stock, I'd call that a counter-argument (my point of view^^)

          You can blame me for that mostly since I'm still on the lookout for 100 more vaccinators for my chem set. :v

            Agh. One point (in June) I had 93 Vaccinators.

            Oh well. But what My Shoe said, counts as supporting proof.




        Corrected. Sorry i'm tired.

        Okay, I saw that at least 13 Vaccs we're sold at 0.11 in this list of proof, and the proof for 0.05 only showed me some sellers wanting to buy the Vaccinator. It's not adding up unless you're treating sellers as buyers under their posts, and even so, the Vaccinator sells a little too soon to resupply on demand.

          I've been trying to sell this for .11 for weeks now, can confirm

            Good proof, but if you added more proof it would really help out this price suggestion.

              where's the 'etc'? it's your job to provide the proof.

                ive sold a couple for 0.11 ref, through classifieds tho

                edit: sold another for 0.11




                  Corrected. Sorry i'm tired.

         sold, do you mean bought?

                  Anyway, the most important thing here are unsolds at 0.11. Insert Vincent quote here. I see you say there are etc. more trades. Could you list them? Neutral for now.

         is more valaible than only

                  I have buy my one it, yesterday

                    Your sold proof of .05 is 5+ MONTHS OLD

                      There you go. More importantly (in my opinion), unsolds at 0.11 are very lacking.

                      For a weapon that has received so much hype recently, and has 15 pages on outpost, I think this needs a tad bit more proof.

                        need wayyyyy more proof

                          I've sold 9 at a scrap in the past weekish,



                          Can't say I support this, sorry. Your proof supporting .05 is more than 5 months old and is people trying to buy, not sell, for .05, making it hardly valid.

                            For such a common weapon you'll need more proof. But still, you have done well posting a suggestion that isn't opinion.

                              ? why every 1 is selling weaps for 1 scrap not for 1 weap even the price is 0.05 they still sel it for 1 scrap so that means al weap prices have to go up dont they?

                                They're trying to get profit from selling weps, that's why.

                                And, in my opinion, unique weapons' price changes aren't any predictable. Selling them at 1 scrap doesn't make the price rise up.

                                  i know but making a price from 0.11 to 0.05 isnt realy needed and i vote up

                       - I don't even know?

                       - Bulk sale 1 scrap ea.

                       - 1 rec.. k.

                                If the stock of the bots on or any other scrapbot (like scrapWH) is sufficient, that can be valid proof.

                                  Neutral on this, not enough proof imo.

                                  Also, if runs out of vaccinators, feel free to blame me.

                                    And me

                                    I will blody beat u in vaccinator whoring m80

                                      I've owned 93 Vaccinators at one point. It was disappointing.

                                      46 here for a wep. each if you're interested


                                      I guess this could be supporting proof as well, since there are 46 available for 0.05 each on a scrapbanking site

                                        All sold out now thanks to me.

                                        Anyhow, if those bots refill quickly after I finish my chem set I guess this suggestion could pass.

                                      Sold 3 this week and haven't even been trying


                                        This is some very inadequate proof for a common weapon.


                                          Naw for unsolds ur gonna need more proof cuz itd still a weapons that normally drops n shit. And does count as proof but hard to keep track of and it takes any weapons for 0.05 soooo yeah :/

                                            All of your sold proof is quite old

                                              It's a close call here. There are plenty in scraping bots on a variety of sites.