Price Suggestion
The Heavy Lifter
Submitted by Nimzuie
~11.5 ref
Unique Heavy Lifter
25 votes up
110 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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A lot of people no longer sell this at its current price and it needs to go up


Looking on price all 3 are not selling them for there current price

(Also notice that most of them are complete meaning the trades were completed

Thanks for your time :D you have two of these links

    you need solds at 7 to prove your price, downvote

        not sure where this rounding idea is coming from, but you still need SOLDS at 7, not sellers at 7

        you have a sold at 6, 6.66, and a key :|

        I don't know why there are so many downvotes. Your proof looks okay. There are less than a page of these on Outpost. The one selling for 6 refined in Classifieds when you first posted this has sold.

        My one criticism is that your price may be too low. You have shown that these sell for a key. Despite that, your price is close and I don't like telling the community what price to suggest.

          you need solds not people selling..

              Closed does not mean sold. Trades can be closed for any number of reasons.

                3 solds out of 4 outpost links (ignoring the duplicate), none at 7ref though

                The Classifieds have 1 for 5 ref, 1 for 6 ref and 1 for 7. But if you look on Outpost normally everyone wants the price.




       4.55 ref



      ,2. 6 out of 12 Trades right now are for the price...

         the one in this trade is long gone probably, it's a bot ad

                    Ah yes sorry :3

                    The 4th link has long since sold and is a bot that does not update its Outpost trades. The 5th has quicksold. The other links are all less than a half a day old; all inadmissible as evidence against a price raise on a scarce item.

                    bought one for 4.66. ppl selling for 7 are really misinformed and def overpricing. downpoke