Price Suggestion
~6.55 ref
Unique Strange Part: Taunting Player Kills
426 votes up
158 votes down
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Alright so suggesting a new price for the strange part : taunting players killed so now you have a reason to kill people who are conga-ing!

Let's take a look at Classified:

2 at 0.88

8 at 1 ref

1 at 1.33 ref

1 at 1.66 ref

1 at 1.88 ref

2 at 2 ref

A bunch more at 2+ ref, prices varying.

Selling for 1.33 ref or below: - 0.66 ref - 0.66 ref - 1 ref - 1 ref - 1 ref - 1 ref - 1.33 ref

Unsolds above 1.33 ref: - 1.66 ref - 1.66 ref - 1.88 ref - 2 ref - 2 ref - 2 ref

There isn't as much evidence as I had in my other suggestions but I did also manage to find this... - sold for 2 ref

So it seems that selling for 2 ref might be still possible.

I will keep checking Outpost constantly to see if there are any more sales or trades, but right now there are only 2 pages in Outpost and 1 on Bazaar.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism below, that's how I will improve and make suggestions better and more accurate in the future! Thanks ^_^

    Need sales, not sellers

      ok I'll try to find some. Thanks!

      This one has sold 1 ref (check history)

      May be 1 ref flat would be better? there are a unsold at 1 ref+ and the 2 ref sell is kind of old now.

      the community market also support 1 ref

        1 sale is just not enough with the amount of theese though.

        Sure, it's better than no price but...

        you need solds.

        Anyways, can you put this on a Strange F. Sandvich? Because technically you can kill with a lunchbox item if it's out in a RPS match and you win..

          b/o's don't matter, you need sales