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~70 keys
Unusual Defiant Spartan Roboactive
177 votes up
17 votes down
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Comments > - Sold for a DBD pyromancer's(5.5 * 0.9 = ~5 buds. - Quicksold? trade was open for 1 day. > - Involed a DP ground control with confusing history.

Any feedback will help.

    Second was clearly a scammed hat and the third has people saying it's scammed?

    The DBD pyromancer's Mask owner added 4 keys.

    Backpack of seller after the trade. - had offer at 6 in pure

        Well the seller's b/o is 6 buds and the guy offered 6.1 buds at that was like 2 weeks ago when he said that it will take about a week. Probably retracted?