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Unusual Company Man Scorching Flames
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High-tier all-class streak continues,

Year old price

SALES: Sold + Miami Antlers (6.3) for Duped Burning Kabuto (No mini given, mini at 23)

(23 * 0.9) - 6.3 = 14.4 (outlier, below several offers on the current marketed one)

Histories:,2831718478,523,5,2831718435,993,5,2811195651,152,5 Offered on a Stormy 13th Company (11) + 8 buds

No overpay, = 19


Kabuto mini:

Sold for this:

(4.8 + ~6.6 + 9.7 + ~2.4 + ~1.3 + 3) * 0.9 = 25.02 (rounding to 25)

Histories;,2811195651,152,5 Sold for Burning Beak (13.5) + Scorching Private Eye (7.6) + 2 pure

(21.1 * 0.9) + 2 = 20.99 (rounding to 21)


Let it ride.

    wait, to clarify: you have 2 sales and one of them is an outlier?

      Miami Antlers are overpriced anyway..

      IIRC, that one is duped

        that's the one that was offered on the stormy 13th, no? if dupes don't count, then this suggestion isn't valid.

        Price in Pure: 17 buds (This is of course discounted because Pure is always top priority) - Copypasted from the trade

        17 was a quicksell value.

          yes but, I'm still not sure how this suggestion would work, since the cm that is used for the flat price is duped.

        Hmm, this scorching flames company sale of yours is of a duped one.

          Lemme do some research a sec, the old value, because it's SO old, is still on the 'affected by inflation' system.

          If it turns out I'm actually RAISING the price, this is okay. If not, I'll do more research XD

            Yup, the old one was priced at 15-17 pre-inflation. Ergo I'm raising the price technically, and therefore this is okay :P

              Where are you getting the 15-17 from? o.o

              If duped sale is higher than the current price or higher than a clean one, you may use it but as of now since you priced it at 19 buds flat, this is a drop of an unusual based on a duped sales. Don't think it is valid since there are clean ones in existence

                Look at the last suggestion, aaron. Actually read it XD

                And, the clean one hasn't changed hands in 11 months, so that's no good either :P

                  The evidence presented 15-17 and it is priced 18.1-20.5? That makes no sense at all.


                    Prices used to adjust with the rise and fall of buds. They stopped that now, but didn't put the prices back.

                    Ergo, it looks like it's worth 19.3 when it's only worth 16.

                    I'm raising it, this happens a lot with heavily outdated unusuals :3

                      I see. Haven't used long enough to realise such a thing once happened.

                      Well, I'm not sure about calling this trade that Spu provided a quicksale considering that it was up for a month+ and he 1:1 with a cloud 9 Frickin sweet ninja hood

                      Using the b/o at 17 buds in my opinion as the low end might be better since it was up for 1 months + and is more recent than your 19 buds sale

                        If that Ninja Hood is worth more than 8 I'll be surprised. The guy's mental for taking it and was branded as such at the time.

                        17-19 is the best I can do, but even that strikes me as odd.

                          The funny thing is that he is quickselling it for 9 buds now. That loss though..

                            Indeed. Don't do drugs hype, kids.