Price Suggestion
Taunt: Skullcracker
Submitted by knavesmith
~26.17 ref
Unique Taunt: Skullcracker
232 votes up
46 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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I managed to get off my lazy ass and make a price suggestion! Hooray!

Although I'm feeling kind of unsure about this one. I feel like it should be 0.9-1 due to the plenty of 7 ref sellers and that the proof is more quantitative than qualitative, but iunno. I'll leave it up to the Staff to determine if this will pass, I should resuggest at 0.9-1, or the price should remain.

For reference, 0.95 Keys = 7.33 Refined

Sellers < 7.33 (Most of these are either young, poorly bumped, or both)

Sellers @ 7.33 (Poorly Bumped) (Unbumped. Asking for 7 in notes but 7.33 on trade) (Unbumped) (Poorly Bumped) (Young. Is it bad I'm assuming this guy meant refined?) (Very Young)

Unsolds @ 1 Key

Classifieds has plenty at 7 Ref and 7.33 Ref.

Constructive critisicm, extra proof, counter-proof, and advice is appreciated!

    Try not to include unbumps/Poorly bumps in your proof, it makes it just that bit more professional

    I'll proof-read the rest of the links

      But then that would be cherry-picking, which is not professional.