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~2.78 keys
Unique Earbuds
2240 votes up
1242 votes down
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Sellers @ 19 Keys: - 19 Keys + 1 Refined - 0.22 below 19 Keys

Sellers @ 20 Keys: - 22 Keys

Solds @ 19 Keys: - 19 Keys + 4 Ref

Solds @ 20 Keys: - 1 Sold - 1 Sold - Managed To Sell For 24 Keys - 1 Sold @ 21 Keys I Think - Sold For An Unusual Not Sure What It Is - Sold Some For Max’s Head (DONT KNOW IF COUNTS AS PROOF! *Sorry*)

      You asked if mine was good. And yes 20+ sold and still selling. Only pure keys.

          Here is my last suggestion, I hope it helps you, although you probably have used the proof here :3

          Sold for 20 keys

          Sold at 19

          Unsolds/Unknown at 19 to 21

          And the classifieds

            All the sales are over a week old, downboat

                19 is definitely easy to sell at, but not so sure about the 20 keys on the high end range. I think 19-19.5 would pass much easier.

                  I did that, it failed :\

                  They said that "none of your proof was at 19.5" although it was at 19-20

                    No, that was on your 19-19.5 suggestion. Nothing of the kind was said on your 19-20 one.

                  The proof is there, but I'm still not so sure about it. I've tried quite a lot trying to sell buds for 20 keys pure in game, haven't had any luck so far. I'll try to see how this plays out. Perhaps a suggestion with a smaller range?

                    Tried it, it failed

                    All sales too old.


                      when I resuggested buds, here is what a MOD told me.

                      "You need RECENT solds, as in, from today, or yesterday. not a week/2 weeks ago. that's not gonna get it"

                        These sales aren't too old.. They are only 3 weeks. It's true that you can't use sales of 2 months but this is valid mate!

                          No, its not valid. This is not unusual item. Its a currency item that gets traded a lot.

                        To be honest, I have over 30 buds, so I wanted to convert some into keys because some cash buyers only want keys. I listed my buds at 19 + 1 ref and had no luck for 1 whole day, I put it back down to 19 keys and still no luck, so I think 19 is still fine.

                          i actually agree. I gave a friend a pair of buds for he's birthday cus that what friends does right? giving expensive things? well he tried to sell em and he actually said.. I CAN'T SELL THAT DARN THING FOR 20 KEYS! and it went on for 3 days then he decreased the price to 19 keys it took him almost 21 hours to sell that :/

                            Yup, I feel most sales happen at 19 and you rarely see them go for above that, unless someone needs buds very quickly or doesn't bother checking classifieds/outpost. And tf2 finance says they are 18.9 atm so this is kinda useless.

                              you're proberly right cus i dunno about the actual sales because i have no interest in earbuds normally only when i think of australiums and unusuals but you might be the master of earbud sales :P

                            I've been trying to buy for 18 and got nothing, but managed to sell 1 for 19 key.

                              What Liddo Junior said:





                              Those are just the ones in the recent page. I can go back but don't want to go over a week back.

                              Think about it, this counts as plenty of solids, all to different people isn't that just proving that 20 keys can be sold?

                                You need more solds more recent. Read my comment above. All of these old sales are not gonna get it.

                                  Yeah, I am not sure why this is up when all his solds are either still selling or old.

                                not really hard to sell for 19, but not sure if it can be actually sold for 20. for me, downboat.

                                    my trade: - sold 12 easily could have sold 20+ if I had them in stock

                                        noh noh noh


                                        just leaving my trade here. 1 week up for 20 keys, daily bumped. but not even 1 bud is sold. seems like i'm not lucky enough:(

                                            You live in a fantasy world. First the claim that "almost everyone" is saying that 20 keys isn't possible or barely possible is not true in the slightest. Most people here are adding their experiences in selling 20 keys easily, and it's really only... what? Four people saying what you're saying? But I guess if the few that actually believe that spam it enough, it's true, right? Secondly, the idea that "daily bumped" is at all good enough bumping to be used as proof or counter-proof is laughable at best. Unless a buds trade has been bumped in the past minute or two, it doesn't show up on the front page at all.


                                            This guy, on the other hand, has sold 2 within 5 hours @ 20 keys. Why? Auto-bump every 30 minutes. Proper bumpage is extremely important in these kinds of trades.

                                            I'm upvoting because I know that this is the price that buds are these days.

                                              You need to chill the hell out man. Get some air. When I posted those, it was barely possible to sell for 20 keys. Overtime, now I can say its very easy to sell. Also, not to mention his sales in the suggestion are very old thus I had no choice but to come up with few counter-proof at that point.

                                              Instead of getting worked up just by a comment, you might want to see when this was posted and what day it is now. I can now also confirm that 19 sells very easily and 20 is very much possible now. I am not sure why you had to go straight to insulting and ****. Haha

                                                Everything I said applied to the posts that existed when you made that post, and very little proof has been added to the suggestion since then. The situation for the suggestion hasn't changed. All that changed was that you realized that how poor your stance was.

                                                  I don't want to create any rifts or arguments, not that type of person. You can think what you like sir. :P

                                            only 2 suggestions ago it was a range of 18-19.

                                              although 1 suggestion ago it was 19-19.5 and the 2 before that were 19-20

                                                i was speaking of accepted suggestions.



                                                  How much is enough, because keys get passed for half the proof

                                                    How is it good when almost all of them are very old/still selling?

                                                      most major bud sellers are constantly selling so to say that they are "still selling" is a bit misleading. Realistically showing that the re-sellers are mostly getting sales at 20 keys would be plenty of proof for the high end but I'm not sure he's done that yet really.

                                                        You are right about that nevertheless, proof is poor and counter-proof provided by me and others, not to mention his sales are ancient as well.

                                                          Well 19-20 keys is alot, this item should not require 20 billion proofs

                                                            Not saying he has little proof or talking about the number of links. I am talking about whats inside those links, if you actually clicked on them on the proof he provided in his suggestion...All you will find are ancient sales, no recent sales. Almost all of his sold links are closing to 2 weeks.

                                                            If you compare this to other suggestions in the past...You will notice something very important. Everyone used recent trades and sales instead of ancient ones.

                                                      yeah i don't quite understand either spankings, I've seen earbud suggestions with twice the proof been laughed at because of not enough proof O_o... What's different about this one? Maybe because the guy making the suggestion doesn't own one, and everyone who does own one want's the price up?

                                                      It's a mystery that will never be solved i guess...

                                                        That was probably my suggestion (I suggested 3 times in a week)

                                                      Yes all sellers at 19 are gone fast.


                                                          a. that is the wrong use of they're

                                                          b. they don't have any buds.

                                                            when i checked outpost it said he/she did but now that i rechecked its now gone my bad bro :/ sorry

                                                 20 keys is definitely NOT impossible.

                                                 trade open for 5 hours so far.

                                                            Sold 2 in 12 hours for 20 each. Trade: Proof:

                                                            Upvote for me :D

                                                              sold 2 as well pretty quick

                                                                (i can finally vote on an earbuds suggestion, hooray! :D)

                                                                I've analyzed all the proof, as well as all the counter-proof and supporting proof in the comments, and I'll have to go with an upvote.

                                                         - i can't even sell my level 42 one for 20 keys... trade has been up for 1 week+

                                                                    20 keys is just not possible. I don't even know how this suggestion is still up, anyone that regularily sells earbuds already knows that the most you can get out of buds at a consistent but slow rate is ~19.5 otherwise anything above that will just stay unsold indefinitely.

                                                                      Hmm...This made my mind change again. I was saying that 20 keys is not possible from the beginning along with many others here but then few came in and said I sold mine and all (Which made me confused and made my mind change) then more came in and said 20 keys is not selling. I tried searching for sale yesterday, couldn't find any recent sales other the ones posted here, anyways not sure how this is still up. Yes, above 19 is possible but anything above that is barely possible. 20 should not be in the range yet from my view.

                                                                      I am not 100% sure about this, few people can sell at 20 but not everyone. Can most people sell at that price? Doesn't looks like most people can.

                                                                      Not to mention the very old sales the suggester used.


                                                                          Sold a level 69 last week. Had it up for 2 days maybe. I guess its just timing and luck.

                                                                            Special level so you sold for 22 keys. :P

                                                                              Yeah, i was just putting this up in reply to polar's comment

                                                                          Im selling my two earbuds for 19 keys for 1 week and still i didnt sell even one . In my oponion earbuds should be 18-19 maybe 19 keys but for sure not 19-20 . Also very bad proofs . Down vote

                                                                            Thats my suggestion

                                                                              Again, very old sales and all. Why are you spamming these links in the suggestion? You already posted it once.

                                                                                And, old sales are all that you are gonna get

                                                                                people dont feed the gaben 1000s of dollars a day on tf2

                                                                                so stop being so %*@#ing fussy about the links that are 2-4 weeks old

                                                                                  Also there are more links in this one

                                                                                    Check the previous suggestions instead of putting old sales on this suggestion constantly with the same links (Spamming). This is a currency item not an item that does not get trade around a lot. I myself have suggested buds before, I know how this **** works man.

                                                                                    **** ton of people said 20 keys are barely possible here in the suggestions as well as in the forums, even the mod himself posted here and said that he couldn't sell his level 42 bud at 20 keys over a week.

                                                                                    This item get trades around a lot, so using old links like yours and the ones the suggester provided are invalid.

                                                                                    At the end, it looks like the ratio of people not being able to sell at 20 keys are much higher than people being able to sell at this at 20 keys.

                                                                                    Unsuccessful rate seems higher than success rate. At the end, I am still not 100% sure since both parties are weighing in here even though the unsuccessful parties seems a bit higher.

                                                                                As comments have alluded to, 19 keys, possibly 19-19.5 keys, is the most common trade point for buds. Yes, 20 keys happens, but keep in mind that we are after the most common trade points for items and it's just not easy to sell buds for 20 keys. There are just too many sitting unsold over a week+. And that's just too long for a currency.

                                                                                (1) - trades like these just aren't helpful because they are long standing trades where the seller is constantly changing his price. You can't tell when was the last time he actually sold a buds and for how much. Just too much of the proof at 20 is reliant on uncertain trades like these.

                                                                                To illustrate this point, consider this trade - This is in your proof for 20 keys. You say he sold one for 21. Now he's selling for 19.5. What has he actually been selling for? And when was the last time he sold? We have no idea. This is not proof for 20 keys.

                                                                                (2) And just because a trade is closed like this - - doesn't mean it sold for 20 keys. This is from one of your links but the same seller reposted here - - for 19 keys before selling.

                                                                       - another trade you have listed as sold for 20 keys, but he relisted here and sold for 19 -

                                                                                Just too many questions here about the high end. Proof is just not solid enough.