Price Suggestion
~13.55 ref
Haunted Cap'n Calamari
227 votes up
381 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as bad price range and closed by neverclever.

The price range was either too broad or did not accurately reflect how the item was traded. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

Message left by moderator:

As others pointed out, you only have proof for 2 ref. While a single sale is fine to price items this rare, you should not put a range when basing prices off a just one trade.

Please resubmit this as 2 flat

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There are only 2884 of these in haunted form, these seem to be pretty difficult to find.

Look on outpost and see how many you find.

Also sell for .51 on the market as well.

Purchased for 2 ref

Wouldn't sell for 2 ref

    Need proof.

      You only have proof for 2.00? why is 1.66 in range?

        so you have no proof of 1.66 :<

            Gosh. Really...........

    , easy downvote

                How's this an easy downvote? I contacted a couple dozen people and non where willing to sell for less then 2 ref.

                  Theres almost no proof.

                    Well i'm sorry if this is my first time suggesting a price, I'm not exactly the best at this. If this gets rejected well I guess there's nothing I can do. I wouldn't lie about the fact that this took me well over a week to obtain as i'm some what of a collector.

                    Then you should show us those trades!


                  Here, this might help.

                      The reason wouldn't sell for 2 ref is its a set only :P

                        Sets like yours are difficult to sell though, people only want an item or two out of most sets.

                          your point :? he's selling as a set, doesn't want to sell individually. what a surprise that he refuses an offer on a single item :|

                        If 2 ref got rejected, shouldn't it be 2 flat?

                          I put 1.66 just in case, like I said first time suggestion.

                          What kind of proof even is this?

                            I'm pretty sure I've already explained, first time suggestion.

                            No, I don't WANT to go to the outpost and spend more time looking at the trades, Show us the amount of links there are!