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~530 keys
Unusual Soldier's Stash Harvest Moon
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Re-suggesting. 16 month old price, by me :D Also 1 of 1 forever - Sold for Gifted Moon TC**, along with Sunbeams YWN + Burning Tyrolean + Flies Trophy (73.3 - 32.6 = 40.7 buds) [Offer Value: 36.6 buds]





** - - Later re-sold for these unusuals: excluding the duped Burning Modest*** (19.5+27.5+25+5.9+3.5=81.4*0.9-73.3 buds)

and - Sold for Sunbeams Marauder + Sunbeams Fez + Purple Energy Attendant + Vivid Plasma Hoodie + Planets Yellow Belt + Green Confetti Connoisseurs Cap (26.9 buds) [Offer Value: 24.2 buds]




Which would make the Gifted Moon TC + Poisoned Shadow Waxy** + Lantern Flamenco for Anti-Freeze KE and Burning Bonk Boy:

x (TC) + 6.8 + 6 = 45 + 24.2

24.2 + 45 = 69.2 - 12.8 = 56.4

x (TC) = 56.4


** - Sold for Burning Bot Dogger (7.6 buds) [Offer Value: 6.8 buds]




*** - Legit can't find trackable sales for the AF Little Buddy but there are B/O's of 4 so this should be a nice 3.5


So the range of the Gifted Cloudy TC would be 56.6-73.3 (65 buds) making the Harvest Stash Sale:

65-32.6 = 32.4*0.9 = 29.2

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Previous Suggestion at 36 buds


Rounded <3

    :O!! its not dead ! i thought it had been deleted and was gone forever, but it lives :D

    probably one of the most confusing suggestions I've seen but it looks correct. The reliance on a mini for pretty much the entire value makes it a bit shaky though.

      yeah could be +-5 or even more buds. Maybe we should just wait for anohter clear sale? Altho I don't have high hopes with the current owner.

        Ye, seems like a while since he sells it. Also I don't seem to get notifications from you Woifi?

          I do from you, maybe empty your notifications.

            Realised I only get it when you directly reply to me and not the other person regardless of who's suggestion it is.

      this killed my eyes

      thanks a lot :(

        The gifted moon tc just can't be used to price this. Value range on that is just way too big.

        (1) First issue with it - sold for the DUPED scorching batter + DUPED moon brainiac + AF lil buddy + modest + bonk. Say for argument sake, we use the formula of 10% off for dupes instead of doing mini suggestions.

        That would really be 19.5 + 27.5 + 22.5 + 5.5 + 3.5 = 78.5. After overpay that's really 70.6.

        (2) Your second sale is wrong too because you missed a scorching phantom in the trade.

        This is why you can't use a high tier hat to price a lower tier hat that was a small piece of a big trade. You'll need to wait for the stash to sell again in a simpler trade.