Price Suggestion
Submitted by AC_
~2.78 keys
Unique Earbuds
1963 votes up
963 votes down
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Solds -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -is selling for 20 buds he has an offer for 19 keys -sold for 19 -sold 3 for 19 -sold few for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold 2 for 19 -sold for 19 -sold 8 for 19 -sold for 19 -sold 6 for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19 -sold for 19,5 -sold 4 for 20 -sold 4 for 20 keys -huh sold some for 21 ?!

some of it is not closed due to selling multiple earbuds

ATTENTION: ALL credits to SoldierClau not me.

Pricing buds for your first suggestion? Wow.


        d0's first suggestion was on buds. ^^


            It must be a sign.

              Maybe it's a right of passage or something.

              d0 is only the person with the most accepted price suggestions on this site. No Biggie.

        Reality speaking this is not really his first bud suggestion, he just copy pasted from the last suggestion that got closed due to cooldown.,Dvg2BeV Sold 3 for 19 keys.

          Little bit more buyers.

 - buying @18 (unsuccesful)

 - buying @18 (unsuccesful)

 -buying @18 (unsuccesful)

 -buying @18 (unsuccesful)

 - buying @18 (unsuccesful)

 - buying @18 (unsuccesful)

 - buying @18 keys + 2 ref (unsuccesful)

 -buying @18 keys+ 2 ref (unsuccesful)

 -buying @18 keys +4.33 ref (unsuccesful)

          Good proof. I've sold over 5 buds recently for 19 keys each.

              good proof, upvote!

                Sold 2 buds for 19 keys each. Upvote.


                  I agree with you KCNDude . Buds need an increase for 19 keys

                    Sold 2 for 19. Even found buyers for 19!

                    Definite Upvote


                      I sold 11 buds for 19 keys each :T

               I sold one for 20 keys


                          I was buying buds for 18.5 keys each and i got 2 in less than 10 minutes


                              Downvoting my comment has no relevance.

                              It's still been proven just by the classifieds alone that under 19 is still very possible.

                                the only ones asking 18 are gifted, and the only ones asking less than 19 are offline. One of them is 18.94, which is probably not a legit seller. Classifieds are not counterproof at all.

                              Can not buy any for 18.5 Keys! 19 Keys and above is all I see. I bought a bud for 19 Keys. GL on your first price suggestion lol. If this fails ill do it! UPVOTE!

                                nice proofs! upvoted

                                  Nice proof, and yeah buds should definatly be at 19keys cause ive sold many buds at 19keys and ive even seen people on ppm and other unusual servers buying buds for 19keys! -BUDS ARE GOING UP- :)

                                    Four days ago I had a trade open for buying buds at 18 keys. . I bought like 4 buds for 18 keys very fast. No body actually comments on the trade when they buy buds, they just add the people selling them. I had at least two people add me while I was on vacation two days ago wanting to sell me buds for 18 keys ( I could not accept the offers because I was logged on to a new laptop and steam guard would not let me trade).

                                      I just bought a bud for 18 keys one minute ago. Proof

                                      + I sell like 8 for 19:D

                                        might as well just post the trade history of the sales or the statement has no value.

                                        Y'all gon' make me lose my mind..up in here, up in here -DMX

                                        Just to tickle my own pickle.

                                        UNDER 19

                                        Classifieds x13

                               -BOOM 18key quicksale (doesnt count)


                               - BOOM 18key quicksale (doesnt count)

                               - 18Keys 7ref -SOLD

                               - 18.5 (has 6 as of this minute)

                               - BOOM 18key quicksale (doesnt count)

                               - BOOM 18key quicksale (doesnt count)

                               - BOOM 18key quicksale (doesnt count)

                               - 18.5 -SOLD

                               - 18keys 7ref -has 100s

                               - 18keys 6ref - 1left

                                        I'm not even going to go any further. It's embarrassing.

                                        PLEASE check proof -or- do literally TWELVE minutes of digging (what I spent on this)

                                        "..But Chicken those are all outliers and I'm too lazy to look and I want my bp value to rise faster huehuehue"

                                          How about to bring us all sellers for 18 (or under 19) and we will bring you all sellers for 19 and evidently it will be smashing percentage

                                          Just because u found some sellers under 19 means nothing ,there are hundreds of sellers for 19

                                          well altho you are showing 19 keys there... there are also ones that are 18 keys, and the other day i saw a bot that bougt them for 18 keys and sold for 18 keys + 2 ref i think. there are more selling for 19 keys but there are also people selling for 18.

                                            bot is not a good counter proof for price suggestions.

                                            Had to sell one, sold easy for 19 keys -

                                                Look this guy bought over 4 buds and is continuing to buy for 20 keys each! UPVOTE


                                                  Upvote. Sold one for 19keys in 30minutes

                                                    upvote, sold 2 for 19 keys today and also 1 for 19 keys 2 days ago


                                                      upvote, sold 3 buds for 19 keys each

                                                      almost impossible to find buds for 18 keys anymore

                                                        I've sold over 15 buds over the past 3 days for 19 keys each. Upvote from me.

                                                          I needed pure keys fast to buy this guys bp like 2-3 days ago and i tried to sell a bud for 20 Keys...No response....19 Keys no response.... finally I ended up selling it at 18.5 Keys. I deleted the listings and reposted it waiting 5 minutes in between.

                                                            awesome proof!


                                                              6 Sold to 2 people. Trade Up for 2 hours total.

                                                                yeah well right very hard to find people they only want 18 keys for a bud

                                                                  And here we are 4 days later, NOW the price is right. Finally got most of the under 19s gone. Upboat from me.

                                                                    Good proof! UPVOTE! :D

                                                                      VERY GOOD PROOF UPVOTING

                                                                        Upvote! verry good :D

                                                                          Why didn't I buy a bud when it was 16 keys. ;-;

                                                                     according to that you've sold 3 in the last 6 days

                                                                                Well that was a good find thanks for adding on to list of proof.

                                                                                  we all know that Sold counter is a lie to create the "Sheep" effect in the buyers (If others bought for that price, then I should buy them for that price to this guy too, DUH),or atleast that's how snoop dragon thinks

                                                                                    I was Just pointing out that he was either lying on outpost or here.

                                                                                      the 3 solds sold on the first two days. the last hasn't been sold in 4 days. either you have poor analytical skills of "6 days", or you're simply looking to stir some ****.

                                                                                        "for days" you didn't say 4 days. I was pointing to your own trade.

                                                                                          I have no idea how to respond to you because you're implying days does not mean 4 days. I mean, this word 4 days and days seem to mean different things to you.

                                                                                            you were saying I was trying to start ****. I wasn't. 6 days still falls within the original "days". I was saying how was I supposed to know you meant 4 days and not the 6 you've had the trade up.

                                                                                                Don't really want to get into stupid arguments online. It's ok.

                                                                                    It only took one person out of the hundreds of suggesters to make this suggestion, because the buds DO need an update. If you really want those unusuals priced, go have fun trying to find sales for most of them and make the suggestions yourself.

                                                                                    Sold mine for 19 keys within an hour. Upvote.

                                                                                      Summer cooldown is definitely over. Upvote from me.

                                                                                        Upboat, sold mine for 19 just now

                                                                                          Good proof! Upvote from me.


                                                                                            yet another sold for 19 stockpile keys. and the second picture of some stockpile keys for normal keys in case you were unsure if they were pretty much equal.

                                                                                            sold dupeds , non dupes for 19 keys just check my trades and this continuous open ...

                                                                                              Nice job. Upvote.

                                                                                                For some weird reason, I can only click on the downvote button, but when I click on the upvote nothing happens, any idea why?

                                                                                         actually caps the amount of upvotes a suggestion can receive.

                                                                                                    Cool, didn't know that actually, so now people can only dislike, which no longer a fair vote :3

                                                                                                      aka mods are waiting that this get more downvotes and that repwh0r3s can imply this ,after all the days this suggestion has been opened, and change their vote to negative

                                                                                                      Well that insult was completely unnecessary if you approve of the suggestion.

                                                                                                        Ahem, *an faget*

                                                                                                        Also you can just say "GOOD PROOF UPVOTE" without being an 11-year-old COD kid losing a match.

                                                                                                        I was in the middle of making a suggestion, Found this.


                                                                                                        Anyway, Thats an upvote.

                                                                                                          You got ma vote :D

                                                                                                            good proof. upvote

                                                                                                              This looks solid, I would upvote if the button worked...

                                                                                                                18.5 is readily available. 18.5-19 would be much more fitting.

                                                                                                                  Rarely is it ever 18.5

                                                                                                                    A lot has changed since this suggestion has been up, and 19 keys is rather difficult these days and it's not hard at all to get buds for less than 19 keys.

                                                                                                                    If we raise the price on buds, will the price of keys perhaps go back down?

                                                                                                                      they already are going down, everyone is hysterical to get rid of their keys thinking they will drop in price and in turn making them go down.

                                                                                                                      there is not enough any proof that anything under 19 keys is a QS Downvote

                                                                                                                        Wait what?

                                                                                                                          just ignore the "any"

                                                                                                                            He's not commenting on that you made a mistake in your post, its the fact that you said that there isn't enough proof. How much more proof do you need?

                                                                                                                        Upvote! Very good proof!

                                                                                                                          Lots of proof; I don't see why not to upvote.

                                                                                                                            Very good proof imo upvote

                                                                                                                              two more sold from today.,4uXgarE

                                                                                                                                why has this not been accepted yet? you can't even upvote anymore lol. Its been a week, as long as the cool down

                                                                                                                                  Another suggestion that has been up for a long while due to some questions about whether 19 flat is really the best representation for this. There's no question that 18 keys flat probably should be removed from the range. My personal thoughts are that the real range for this is closer to 18.5-19. There are a fair number of sellers around ~18.7, 18.8, etc. I don't think anyone would disagree with me that 19 flat is probably a tad high. For reference:

                                                                                                                                  So the question here, for me, is whether 19 is better than 18-19. Honestly, they are about the same, since I think buds are realistically getting traded around 18.75. This suggestion is at 19 compared to the current mean of 18.5. In close calls like this, I always go with the community vote. Community vote and comments are just so strong here. I'm actually quite surprised few people have raised any of the issues that have concerned the mods.