Price Suggestion
~1.61 ref
Unique Das Ubersternmann
146 votes up
40 votes down
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I heard that there were a hype of this about Doctor Who. Anyone can explain?

Sold for 1.66

Sold for 2.00

Conclusion: Before you say something stupid like "Not enough proof, downvote", take a look on the market first. This thing is so rare now. Demand > Supply because supply of craft hats went down and it's reasonable for this thing to rise.

Feel free to counter / support my proofs.

wait why not 1.66 - 2 lol

I agree, needs a raise, and there is only ~1 page on outpost. Upvote.

      your first link there is a duplicate

      Here's all of the ones I've sold recently (though you've already counted some of them as proof)

      I sniped these off of for 1.44-1.55 so that's why I had so many

      Honestly, I think 1.66-2 or even 2 flat would be better, as I listed three of them at 2 ref, and all three sold within an hour.

        It seems that 2 ref flat is better for this thing.