Price Suggestion
~1.39 ref
Unique Bolgan Family Crest
926 votes up
545 votes down
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Quick-sold for 1.33

Sold for 1.44

Yes, I'm serious.

    11/10 u r hero.

        The seller in classified seems inactive to me.

          He was last online 1.5 hours ago. It would really help if you could find some other sale at 1.44

      So damm rare, Gonna upvote!

          this makes as much sense as manbearpig

          so ya it makes sense <3

            Here, have some counter-proof.


            Ok, ok, nevermind. You guys win, quick buyers and bots are not counted as proof, lalala.

              They are all for sale at 1.33?

              When did become so generous?

                They're all for sale for 1.55 - 1.66, depending on the bot's stock.

                  Should probably point out that Penultiscrap (the bot with 11 crests) has a full bp so those don't count

                  It sucks because it's holding 8 outdoorsmans I really want ._.

                    Jacob, don't you have an OD Chem Set?

                      Indeed, sadly. Of all the things, it's a low tier heavy hat ._.

                  It's not that they're for sale at 1.33, it's that so many people are willing to sell 26 of them for 1.22 refined each.

                  Well, except for the ones which were obtained back when they were buying for 1.33+, but I don't know how many are from back then, nor do I care enough to check.

                    This is exactly why bots shouldn't be counted as valid evidence - you sell to bots to quicksell. The sole point of's existence is to buy under market value, re-sell at "normal" value and profit from the margin.

                      Let me sing you an old song:

                      "Quick buyers and bots are not counted as proof, lalala"

                    Isn't don't work as proof?

                      Ey, don't get discouraged. It's just how the TF2 economy works. Your heart's in the right place - finding proof.

                      Updated quick-sold, forgot to include it :P

                          simple, YES

                          Don't just say, if you have guts, counter-prove me

                        New seller appeared!

               (Have a buyer added but he doesn't accept, also have a 1.66 offer)

                          it seems like every vietnamese must have this badge

                            what makes you say that lol

                          O_O None on outpost/classifieds. Where have they all gone?!

                            dude u have like no proof at all


                              The first time since 2013 has a tiny little medal raised.

                              I thought this was a joke at first.

                              This is serious.


                                I think the range should be 1.33-1.66 here. As it is you have two links. A 1.44 sales and a 1.33 seller with a 1.66 offer. I think the range better captures the general selling value of this item.