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~137 keys
Unusual Gentleman's Ushanka Scorching Flames
8 votes up
15 votes down
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Hey, this is my 1st price suggestion :) [Yes. I own this hat but it's a 9 months old price]

Recent sales

1. I do not have link since I do believe they deal privately but that guy told me he spent 15 mixed though I just saw he offered scorching AA ~9

2. ushanka + dbd bubble pipe(~5.5) for AF nunhood ~no price but the sellers was asking for 20 at that time. [] so makes sense ushanka~14 [Same... they didnt have post on op but still we can see they both have the hats after trade]

3. beams brigade(~5) + ge ushanka(~3.5) + 1.5 buds + 1 buds in items ~10 [How I get it, deal with seller privately so no op link]

Notable offers -- (1) V. Max + $50 ~11.5 (2)Scorchin pickel

Since this is just my 1st suggestion, would be nice if you guys can teach me :D

    Alright, let's go through what's wrong.

    1st, the offer means nothing on the first 'sale', you need the exact sale. 9 shouldnt be in the range at all

    2. the AF nunhood was never 20, he was asking 20 but it never got an offer over 15

    3. you need to apply overpay to what you payed, and make a mini suggestion for the brigade because its outdated

    If you want some help, feel free to throw me an add and I'll help in every way I can.