Price Suggestion
Stout Shako
Submitted by Clagger
~1.5 ref
Unique Stout Shako
6 votes up
46 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Stout stout shako for 2 refined! People we are so caught up in trading we forgot the basics of tf2! Remember those days were a stout shako was 2 refined? i want those day back! not these new days were some guy who owns 80 unusuals get to decide cuz he's rich! we have to stick to basics!


      I can't argue with that logic, upvote!

        That meme is so old and forgotten and it's not funny anymore.

          nice try.. stout shako haven't been 2 ref ^^

          either way.. doesn't matter without solds as proof

          I have seen so many of these.

          This is a community where we price things together, you do not have any proof to raise the price.

            So this is what Free Rep is c:

              yay, free rep

                This joke is buried six feet under and died many an eon ago.

                It is buried in the Dead Joke cemetery in Micronesia.