Price Suggestion
~120 keys
Unusual Western Wear Harvest Moon
86 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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8 month old price.

Sold for a Cloud 9 Your Worst Nightmare (offered on, no overpay 3.2 buds)

Sold for a TF Logo Tyrantium Helm + White All-Father + Kringle Collection (3.3 buds),2522952365,314,5,2522952369,338,5

Sold for a Green Energy Larrikan Robin + Cauldron Bubbles Industrial Festivizer (4.3 buds w/ overpay)

Dead Presidents Hustler's Hallmark for the Western Wear + a Ghosts Brigade Helm

7.8 - 2.7 = 5.1

Sold for a NnB Luchadore + Steaming Tavish Degroot Experience + Green Confetti Tam O' Shanter (Tam + Lucha are outdated)

Sold for a Strange Professional KS Machina + Steaming Professor's Peculiarity (Professor's Peculiarity is outdated)