Price Suggestion
~19.5 keys
Unusual Medic's Mountain Cap Circling Peace Sign
40 votes up
33 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] A Delicious Cashew™.

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A hat I love with a very outdated price, thought I would try my hand and a suggestion. - Sold for ~26 keys (1 bud 8 keys) to yours truly via trade offer: - I am also currently in talks with a fellow to get her sold for between 25-27 keys.

EDIT: I looked back further in the hast history, I had to skip a few people that had not put it up for trade and found:

He was looking for between 1.7 and 2 buds, at the time buds were around 24-25 keys according to the graph on them.

This may not help much on mine due to the age but it is showing how high someone may likely have been willing to go.

Its not much but its my first suggestion.

    Maybe you should find two sales.

    Also, I think there's this rule where all/majority of the proof cannot be your own.

    Any other previous sales? Did you check the history of the unusual for them?

      I don't know why I didn't think to check that way, If I still have premium I would have looked that way too.

      Wait until you sell it and make a range.

      Flat prices are only allowed if the hat doesn't come up on the market for at least 1 month after date.

        That for the heads up, I wont close this immediately for I may still be on the verge of selling but will update it as soon as I have.

          My mistake, everything's fine.

          That's not true. The coming up on the market rule is for suggestions on unpriced hats. If the hat has already been priced, a single sale is fine as long as there are no other sales.

          Here, there are other sales, but they involve the duped hat that has now been hijacked twice recently (restored both times). This is the last sales -

          Not really sure if it's a good idea to price off that other hat.

            Oh yeah, my mistake.

            Then, this suggestion seems fine. :)