Price Suggestion
~2312 keys
Unusual Mask of the Shaman Burning Flames
28 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Resuggesting, Polar told me 100 flat would be a much better price for it.

Burning shaman! 1 of 1 in existence. Shamans are the rarest hats to unbox in the entire game and first gen effects aren't the most common unboxes. - Sold for: Cloudy Moon coffin kit(58), 30 buds and $300(9)

Offered 105 pure

Buds in USD: - Selling for $33.30


Cloudy Moon Coffin Kit Mini-suggestion: - Sold for 58 pure

Burning shaman backpack histories:

K Bee: -->

Pyro Protect Me: -->

Proof of money being received:

In conclusion:

58+30+9=97 buds

105 pure offer = 105 buds

No overpay needs to be calculated, coffin kit was sold for pure.

    100+/-10 buds. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to giving this a range of 97-105 if people are really against the 100 flat. But our values are estimates, and I felt 100 was a decent approximation.

    damnit can't vote

    and of course I get disliked for saying that

      tfw no backpack multiplier high enough to boost it to 100 ;-;

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