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~17.5 keys
Unusual Pure Tin Capotain Disco Beat Down
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2 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 3 years ago by A Delicious Cashew™ but another suggestion has been accepted since.

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Disco Beat Down Tin Capotain, unpriced

Recent sold:

-------------------------- Offered with Ghosts Fro(~2.5) on PE Sensei unpriced

-------------------------- Sold with Terror Big Chief unpriced for:,2513654147,102,5 CM Glove (~4.4 old price)

-------------------------- Offered with Terror Big Chief unpriced on RA Nano

-------------------------- Sold for:,2502811204,322,5 DBD Buck (~1.8 * 0.9) ~ 1.6 buds

-------------------------- Offered + 10 keys on Miami Baker unpriced

-------------------------- Sold for ~ 32 keys (~ 1.6 buds) (Guy is reselling for 2.7 buds, see in additional proof.)


Additional Proof (BOs & COs): (1 week) B/O: 2.7 buds, no offers (1 week) B/O: 3 buds, no offers (1 week) no B/O, no offers (1 week) B/O: 2 buds, C/O: DP honcho if he adds, smoking tin capo + sweets

Highballing is high.


Tried my best as usual... any kind of further proof counter proof is always appreciated. Thanks for reading this!