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~8 ref
Strange Rainblower
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79 votes down
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Fight me, I dare you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I think it's time someone made a genuine effort to correct this horrible pricing error there are not many actually selling for lower than a key who actually have done the research

2 week old trade, a week later had someone willing to do the trade: sold 4 for a key each persons old trade from above (my hero) very old trade with offers from a month ago, the trader repeatedly ignores offers of 2 ref pure and in items selling for 2 ref already has 5 traders mauling at the trade in an attempt to buy the rainblowers 3 month old trade, repeatedly declines offers of 2 refined pure and below selling rainblowers for a key each constant refusal of 2 ref in pure and in metal even with item overpay in a 3 month trade tons of people looking for the rainblower year old trade, but with people willing to pay a key with offers from a month ago for the pair selling a rainblower for 2 ref, 20 minutes later it's snapped up by someone who turns around and sells it for a profit here: 4 day old trade, 2 people trying to buy for 2 ref 1 person (Luna) spamming multiple trades to find one for 2 ref, including the trade above this one selling for a key hasn't bumped it though in five days so no attention has been drawn to it selling for a key selling for 2.22 sold after a day for 2.33 selling for 4 ref, already one complainer selling for 1 key, 2 day old trade 2 week old trade, selling many rainblowers for 4 ref each, already sold 18 with a stock of 14

these are just the rainblowers without parts on them, This ridiculous 2 ref price has gone on long enough, if more proof is needed please let me know.

    I think it needs to go up but not this high.

      the truth is, they really do need to go this high, people are using and relying on accurate prices, to ignore this error would be unfortunate.

      can't you just next time your are making a suggestion, remember to arrange the proves a little bit? would help out all the people who needs to vote alot to be sure if they should or not.

        I did this on purpose actually, so as to force people to read rather than to skim through it willy nilly and then simply downvote it. - 3ref seller

      Not included in your proof even - downvote.

          higher then a key? you have 2 proof for price at a key, no1 is buying for higher then a key. you need more proof for key solds.

            typo, I meant higher than 2 refined, my bad

   - 4ref (stock 14)

            and the 3ref seller got a few in stock too, 1key is to much - disliking my comment wont help you, research better and do a smaller bump than 2ref > 1key, perhaps 2-3 or something similar would be better. Try search for buyers too.

              I never disliked your comment, and why try 2-3 when there is proof that they do in fact sell for a key? and there are too many buyers looking for 2 ref for a week or more without luck unless they've actively sought someone out. very rarely would you find someone who has a trade buying a rainblower for a key pure because those same traders rely on's price guide which is why I made this suggestion in the first place, to correct the price and update it.

                Why should 1key be in the range when there are tons available for 3-4, prove that there's many buyers for 2ref.

                Looks like 1key is an outlier.

                  if you actually take a look beyond my proof there aren't many recent trades going for lower than a key because the majority of the traders have done their research and realize they sell for a key sell for a key, and it would seem that the people selling for 3-4 are more of quicksellers with no patience and an overstock or don't realize the price.

          you have 2 sales for a rainblower at 1 key, the people looking for 1 for 2 ref doesnt help in this case. the sellers for a key doesnt matter if they dont sell.

            I have about 4, and 2 of them have sold multiple rainblowers at a key alone implying that you simply skimmed through the proof rather than taking a look at the trades and when I added in the people looking for 2 ref who were DECLINED it was more or less to prove that people are ravaging through the trades searching for them for 2 ref

              sellers for a key which are not sold dont count...

                The whole point of this suggestion is to prove that these are indeed going for a key, so adding in the people selling the rainblowers for a key DO in fact count. unless you have counterproof I suggest you stop trying to find flaws in this.

            Grrr, You have to be kidding, I sold a S Rainblower with all best pyro parts for 1 key...


              I think a more reasonable price for this would be 2-3 refined

                again, like I stated above, why try a conservative push towards the actual price when rainblowers go for a key? it doesn't really make sense. the reasons people make a conservative push like that is either A. they don't want to have such a sharp increase or decrease in price, usually decrease, or B. they want some time to grab the item(s) before they rise in price.

                you'll need much more proof for such a big bump up