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~86 keys
Unusual Hound Dog Hellfire
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This suggestion was accepted 3 years ago by polar but another suggestion has been accepted since.

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solds ( sold for 5 pure buds ) ( sold for 5 pure buds again )

NOTE : one of the buds of the second sold is duped thats why the history of the bud is a bit weird but i got another link that shows clearly that the buyer paid 5 buds for it

buyers trade:

the buds:

for the hound dog:

the hat is 1of1 and these 2 sellers are last 2 solds on the market , this hat hasn't been sold again after these 2 and its not longer on markets

    Can you prove it actually sold for 5 buds for the first sold? Because I couldn't find any proof on the links.

      Its simple , all u have to do is checking history

        Oh my bad, I read the earbud history uncorrectly.


          Np It happens to me sometimes too :) , thnx for upvote and the support